Iron Maiden Bouldering Competition

MetroRock's All-Women's Bouldering Competition

The 2018 Iron Maiden Bouldering Competition is just around the corner. This year we will have two different options for competing; individual competitor and team competitors. See details below!

Open Cash Purse

1st Place - $300

2nd Place - $200

3rd Place - $100


The format for individual competitors will remain the same as previous years.**

 The team option requirements and scoring structure is outlined below:

  • Minimum size - 4 competitors
  • Teams  are ranked after scoring completed.
  • Team score is the sum of the scores of the top 4 highest scoring competitors in each team. 

Scores as an individual competitor can be counted towards a team score, however, competitors must decide ahead of time if they'd like to participate as part of a team, and must provide a team name prior to the competition.


Team Gaston Gals

  • Member 1 - 3200 points
  • Member 2 - 2300 points
  • Member 3 - 2200 points
  • Member 4 - 1000 points
  • Member 5 - 600 points

Team score=8700 (3200+2300+2200+1000)

Award certificate and prize will be given to the first place team. 

Part of registering as part of a team will be providing your team's name. While each competitor registers on their own, they must provide the team name in order to be considered in the team competition. No one can join a team or switch teams after they have registered for the competition.